what is total av

While iOS is a safe platform with its own security features however, you should install an antivirus program in order to make sure your iPhone is completely protected. They can be very harmful and could slow down your device, cause it to open programs you didn’t download or crash. However, antivirus software is able to detect malware and viruses before they get to your device. The most effective antivirus software includes the ability to quickly look over all downloaded files and app data for any possible issues as well as additional functionalities such as password management backups of contacts as well as a call blocker a photo scanner, and an anti-theft system.

Most of the best antivirus applications have a free version that offers basic protection, but you’ll likely need to sign up for the premium version to access some of its most advanced functions. These could include password management and an anti-theft program, a VPN, an automatic software updater, and more. If you’re worried about your privacy, the most sophisticated applications will also include features like a dark web monitor that will determine if any of your personal data has been exposed online.

The best antivirus programs can be run across multiple devices, allowing all members of a household to use the same program at the same time. Be aware that a lot of these are sold as yearly subscriptions which can add up when you have to purchase several years in one go.