« International Collection takes shape »

With more than 150 of its 160 original works already completed the 2010 International Fine Art Collection is now almost fully assembled. Speaking about the phenomenal progress that has been made, Rob Spaull (General Manager of 2010 Fine Art) said: « When you consider that we only learned which of the national teams had finally qualified late last year it is remarkable that we now have artists and works from all 32 participating nations. We are especially pleased that we have been able to secure leading contemporary artists from countries like North Korea and Algeria – whose commercial art environment is perhaps not as widely developed and accessible as other larger commercial markets. The result is a Collection whose diversity is unrivalled – a fitting global celebration of the world’s largest and most watched sporting event. Spaull also highlighted the fact that the signed, limited edition prints of the original works were now being offered to purchase by collectors in a special pre-retail phase – at a discount of 15% off the recommended retail price point. Prospective buyers were encouraged to select and reserve the works in which they were interested by using the online system of the 2010 Fine Art website.