« At the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cape Town » 

Date:  Until the end of July 2010
Venue:  Foyer, Radisson Blu Hotel, Granger Bay, Cape Town

While taking in the sea views directly below the new stadium constructed for the coming 2010 FIFA World Cup™, visitors to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa are now able to gaze upon yet another striking vista: The 2010 African Fine Art Collection. Lasting from now until the end of July 2010, hotel guests, restaurant patrons, and members of the general public can view and purchase the works of selected artists from the African Fine Art Collection on display throughout the hotel lobby.  From Keith Calder’s striking bronzes to Barbara Ploner’s vivid paintings, the pieces of the 2010 African Fine Art Collection bridge the world of football and art and bring to visitors a new and creative element of the World Cup.  Also available to patrons is a selected range of merchandising products, most notably the 2010 African Fine Art ArtCards. The exhibition can be found at the Radisson Blu Hotel, located in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Complex, next to the Cape Town Stadium.